Green Fairy Book Brian Alderson

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Green Fairy Book  by  Brian Alderson

Green Fairy Book by Brian Alderson
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Back to reporting out the notes I took on my e-reader!Preface:Re: This is the third, and probably the last of the Fairy Books of many colours. Ahahaha. Good try, Andrew.Re: There are grown up people now who say that the stories are not good for children, because they are not true, because [...] but probably you who read the tales know very well how much is true and how much is only make believe, and I never yet heard of a child who killed a very tall man merely because Jack killed the giants...

and ...I am not afraid that you will be afraid of the magicians and dragons- besides, you see that a really brave boy or girl was always their master.... I love Lang! Multicultural, anti-sexist, respects children...Re: There are not many people now... who can write really good fairy tales, because they do not believe enough in their own stories, and because they want to be wittier than it has pleased Heaven to make them.

Lol!Re: When you have read a fairy book, lend it to other children who have none, or tell them the stories in your own way... Yeah!I swear, his prefaces are just as good as the stories themselves. Love it!Sylvain and Jocosa: Weirdly, I really like this one. I like their relationship.The Golden Blackbird: Oh, its this story! (Aka, that one Ive been trying to retell in novel form for about eight years.)The Magic Swan: I just read this one, maybe in the last book. [Its always interesting when a couple stories from different places dont just share themes but are virtually identical!]The Enchanted Snake:Re: Do with me what you like, my lord and father, for your will is my law, answered Grannonia.

GROSS.Re: ...the King and Queen were in such a state of nervous collapse that they hid themselves in a far-away turret. Grannonia alone kept her presence of mind. At least she is a badass, though!WHY DOES EVERYONE THROW THE DISCARDED ANIMAL SKIN INTO THE FIRE?!? Dumb shits. At least this time it was the parents instead of the princess.How is it ok for Grannonia to have deceived the fox like that?

Wtf?!?King Kojata: I love the stories where the princess basically coaches the prince through all of the tasks to win her/does them for him. Yeah, agency!Prince Fickle and Fair Helena: For some reason I thought I was recognizing a trope here, but I no longer know what it was.

Later in the story, when fair Helena is gathering up her three dresses (embroidered with stars, suns, and moons), I noted, haha what a mishmash. And then at the end, I noted, felt awkward, incomplete. Clearly I thought this one was a bit of a mess.Puddocky:Re: The father again embraced his fortunate son [who won a challenge by bringing back an extremely small dog, which obviously shows he has the qualities of a great ruler], commanded the rest of the small dogs to be thrown into the water and drowned...

WTF?!? Hate him.Re: [The youngest son has now brought back the most beautiful wife.] But the father commanded the other women to be thrown into the water and drowned, like the bales of linen and the little dogs. JESUS.The Story of Hok Lee and the Dwarfs: Love this one!The Story of the Three Bears: For they were good bears - a little rough or so, as the manner of bears is...

Haha love it.Little One-Eye, Little Two-Eyes, Little Three-Eyes: First of all, weird. Second, I love that Little Two-Eyes is proactive and when the knight asks her how her living situation is, she straight up is like, it is bullshit and my family sucks. Please take me with you.Allerleirauh- or, the Many-Furred Creature:Re: If you want to marry after my death, make no one queen unless she is just as beautiful as I am, and has just such golden hair as I have. Promise me this. OH NO.Re: So he said to his councillors, I will marry my daughter to one of you, and she shall be queen, for she is exactly like her dead mother, and when I die her husband shall be king.

PHEW.The Twelve Huntsmen: Weird story but good.Jack My Hedgehog:Re: Jack tore all the Princesss smart clothes off her, and pricked her all over with his bristles. This is bullshit. Especially because later, although the poor princess has to be shamed and abused even though it was her dad that made the deal with Jack My Hedgehog in the first place, Jack My Hedgehogs asshole father who cast him out gets to be redeemed.

SOMETIMES I HATE FAIRY TALES.The Golden Lads: That was nice! That the brothers came to each others rescue and are nice to each other. Although the mom completely disappears from the story after the beginning.The White Snake: Classic story! :)The Golden Mermaid: Interesting golden bird variant! Heh, two in one colored fairy book!

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