A Grain of Sand: Natures Secret Wonder Gary Greenberg


Published: April 15th 2008



A Grain of Sand: Natures Secret Wonder  by  Gary  Greenberg

A Grain of Sand: Natures Secret Wonder by Gary Greenberg
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In one of the first chapters, Dr. Greenberg describes what happened when he told his grandfather he wanted to be a photographer (after graduating from college with a science degree.) He expected to be berated. However, instead his grandfather said, You are going to show people things they never knew existed.So much is that the case!Using a microscope and his own patented methods of lighting, Dr.

Greenberg examined (and subsequently photographed) sand grains from beaches in various parts of the globe. What he found and treats his readers to is shocking--rather than being little brown rocks, individual grains of sand are brightly colored, sometimes iridescent, and no two grains are shaped exactly alike.His photos are beautiful and arresting. I came away from reading it thinking of the promise Jehovah made to Abraham in Genesis 22:17, that his seed would be like the sand which is on the sea shores.

All my life Ive thought that merely meant quantity, but today, after seeing the amazing photos and reading the research of Dr. Greenberg, I know how much richer that promise is than I would ever have guessed.Highly recommend this beautiful book!PS--Emailed Dr. Greenberg to say thank you and he sent me additional photos, this time of two individual grains of moon sand under a microscope. Breathtaking. As he said in the final text of the book, the universe is endlessly surprising and praiseworthy.

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