Jarring! Five Rough Sex Erotica Stories Julie Bosso


Published: May 18th 2014

Kindle Edition

38 pages


Jarring! Five Rough Sex Erotica Stories  by  Julie Bosso

Jarring! Five Rough Sex Erotica Stories by Julie Bosso
May 18th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 38 pages | ISBN: | 10.57 Mb

In this collection of five rough sex erotica stories, you’ll find beautiful women exposed to sexual situations that run the gamut from rough to very rough to OH MY GOD HOW CAN SHE HANDLE THAT rough. It’s all a click away, so download now for all the fun!1. Professor Roberts Wants My Ass! An FFM First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Morghan RheesLaura can’t let her grades slip, and when she falls asleep in the library, she’s in a real panic. She begs her professor to give her some time, and Mr.

Roberts has a pretty good idea of what he wants from her. Before she knows it, she’s bent over his couch! The professor has a bigger surprise, though. It turns out that more than one student needs to make a deal, and Laura is about to have her first lesbian sex experience in a scorching teacher/student sex ménage a trois!

Before this night is through, a naughty babe’s ass is getting its first anal sex experience!2. Going Down to Get Ahead: A Rough Office Sex Erotica Story by Kimie KattBrandi really wants a job at the marketing firm but her resume leaves a little to be desired. That’s no problem for a girl like Brandi, though. She has assets above and beyond her professional experience. She has assets like her lips, her tongue, her hands, and her throat! Of course, all of them will be put to the test in this sexy short by Kimmie Katt!3.

Dominating the Dom: A First BDSM Submission Erotica Story by Sonata SorentoGwen has a great deal of experience in the world of BDSM as a definite and absolute dominant. Evan tells her she can’t possibly be the dom she should be if she’s never experienced submission. She doesn’t want to submissive, not ever. She’s experienced, but all of it is experience as the woman holding the whip! Not this time. This time, Gwen is going to learn to submit to whatever humiliation and domination Evan can dish out!4. Turbulence: A Very Rough and Reluctant Stewardess Gangbang by Veronica HalsteadIt’s Charlotte’s final day with her airline before changing jobs to work on a corporate jet, and she’s stuck on a transpacific flight handling the first class cabin.

All nine of the passengers are from the same internet startup company, and all of them are difficult customers. Still, it’s Charlotte’s job to please them, and she isn’t going to let them deplane dissatisfied. Of course, she didn’t know that all nine of them want to join the mile high club, and they’ve decided that she’s the perfect one to initiate them…all.

She’ll have a very rough and painful first anal experience in a vicious gangbang over the Pacific Ocean, and the men won’t be finished until she’s had every hole filled and satisfied every cock!5. Damn! Your Wife is Hot! A Rough and Reluctant Wife Gangbang Short by Julie BossoAfter years of planning, a husband and a wife finally take the plunge and hire a call girl to fulfill their mff threesome fantasy, but they picked the wrong prostitute!

Right in the middle of their MFF ménage, the call girl’s boyfriend comes home with some of his friends, and he’s not happy to see his girl with her mouth on another man’s dick. The way he figures it, if someone can have his girlfriend’s mouth, than he and his friends can take the hot wife, and take means every single hole with plenty of rough wife gangbang sex, deep throat, and double penetration!Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various rough sex encounters.

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